New video for ‘Real Again’

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Taken from his current album ‘The Beautiful Moment’ here’s Andrew’s official video for this powerful song…

12 Comments to “New video for ‘Real Again’”

  • WHOW! absolutely stunning! What a powerful song!!! GREAT! Welll done Andrew! Made me feel REAL! Love it! Looking forward to seeing you soon: live on stage! <3

  • A fantastic video for a truly amazing song. Love it!

  • A.R. your music & Voice has been one of my best ´friend´ for many many years.
    So glad that you will enrich us even more now…

  • Fantastic video…. Roachford is just the best… I love the current album… soul touching stuff!

  • great singer!

  • Andrew has a truly wonderful voice, I like the new song full of passion and expression, but I do wish he would give his voice and the lyrics more room and allow his voice to ‘breathe’ free from the music, as it often feels like the jewel that is his voice is being lost among too much glitter (the music). Less as they say is More, not in every song, but in such excellent melodic tunes as this one.

  • I have often wondered what happened to you Andrew? Now I know. Still brilliant better than ever. I am buying this Album right now!

  • Great song, has traces of ‘Only to be with you’ in terms of pace and vibe. Have been a fan since 1989 and would love to hear some new stuff with a grittier electric guitar stuff like Hawi use to provide.

  • WOW, love that song, I have all the other albums, l want this for my birthday this month from my partner, see you in Whitley Bay!

    • Thanks Chelle. See you on the 10!

    How come I’ve not heard this before. Love the song and love the video. Yours is the best voice out there. I’m coming to see you here in Liverpool at the Phil in October hopefully I will meet you again it’s been a long long time. Can’t wait!!

    • Cheers Mark! We’re glad you liked it. We’re very much looking forward to Liverpool.

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