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We’re delighted to say that we’ve got some exciting album news from Andrew, we’ve been sent an early version of the cover for Andrew’s new album ‘Beautiful Moment’…

Beautiful moment cover


This includes the full track listing of:

  • Real again
  • Something beautiful
  • Overcome
  • Because you
  • Without you
  • Love wins
  • Wouldn’t change a thing
  • Ebony
  • Slow water
  • All roads lead back
  • As she walks

We’ve confirmed that this is the final tracklisting for the album! We’ll aim to get some samples on the site soon.

4 Comments to “Exclusive Album News”

  • really looking forward to it and just booked tickets for your Gig at the “Blues Garage”, Isernhagen 🙂

  • Hi!!!!
    Good news…I want it now. It´s a cover similar to “Feel” or singles by “Feel”

    Regards from Spain

  • Can’t wait to hear this! Just spent an emotional evening with my girlfriend introducing her to the magic of your music! Lifelong fan looking forward to seeing you at the jazz cafe in October!

  • Very pleased and excited to hear some new material from our one and only AR
    See you in Nottingham in October.

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