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Since finishing gigging last year and taking a short break we’re delighted to say Andrew has headed straight back in the studio to work on the follow up to Addictive.


That got us thinking about the sort of album we’d love to hear Andrew make and so we thought we’d open up the question – so please tell us:


  • What’s your favourite Roachford sing ever?
  • How would the album you’d like Roachford to create next sound?
We look forward to reading your comments.

27 Comments to “Back in the studio”

  • I Get High , This Generation , Kathleen, Work it Out ,Complicated …..oh just all of them lol

  • Ride the storm is my ultimate favourite but yes… All of them are Lush!!!
    A soulful Album would be good.xx

  • Wow, now that’s a hard question.
    Easy one first: I want the next album to sound exactly how Andrew produces it. That’ll work for me. With each album he gives a little something different but stays true to himself & that’s exactly what I want to hear, just that.
    Now then, fave song ever?! I can’t do that because there are too many, but the following are some of them……
    Way I Feel, Innocent Eyes, Love Games, The Music, Only To Be With You, Complicated,This Generation, Cry For Me, Cuddly Toy, Open Road, Heaven Is, Rock You, Run Away, Way To My Heart, Naked Without You, Was It Love, Ride The Storm, Crazy Love, Together, Hello Friend, Testify……. I could go on but this post is long enough as it is! Actually that has the making’s of an amazing Set List!
    Looking forward to whatever the new album brings xxxxx

  • The Way That I Feel, Only To Be With You, Cuddly Toy,……all of the albums have their own feel and sound with classic songs and individual favourites for each one. The list is endless, it’s so difficult to pick favourites. I like the more rockier tracks but would love to hear more keyboard lead tracks. Addictive also had some great new songs for all the fans to enjoy. As long as there are new songs and albums…just keep them coming Andrew…your talent will keep us smiling.x

  • Kathleen, Johnny,One Good Reason, Crazy Love, Naked without you – I could be here all day listing these songs….

    Andrew keep the songs flowing! You are sensational!!

  • River Of Love

    Uptempo and funky please with great bass lines……that makes you want to groove from start to finish.


  • Sure whatever you record will be great. What would be even better would be for you to trial them at an intimate gig in Plymouth.

  • Hard question! But for me, The Way I Feel, Only to be With You and Lay Your Love….Never fail to make me just stop in my tracks! The Way I Feel live was awesome at Islington last year! x

  • My Favs: Cuddly Toy, Kathleen, Man That I Am, This Generation, + All The Others!!! Great Feel Good Tracks!!!

    I Think an Album of mash up covers that blow away the originals would be awesome, Just like Wonderwall / You Got The Love. Listening to Andrew perform that makes my neck hair stand!!! Uptempo, Piano Rifts & an amazing voice!


    Still determined to get to see you perform live! Get Up Ere int norf t Lancashire.

  • Andrew all your music and back catalogue is totally amazing! About now, wishing you,Naked without you! Only to be with you. Get ready. Kathleen. This generation. Innocent Eyes. Cuddly Toy live! River Of Love. Hello Friend. I Get High . You are an amazing writer and performer with the best vocal in the UK bar none.

    When it comes from the heart it means everything and we not only hear it but see it and feel it in every performance!

    Your music is inspirational as always and we await the next album and tour as the previous. We wont be disappointed, its not possible.

    See you on the tour in Newcastle hopefully, Cheers!!

  • More melodic rock based than dance and jazz. Not that the jazzy stuff is not good, it is, but the sweaty blusey rocky melodic things just fits better to him, IMO:-) Among tons of good stuff still Cuddly Toy IS the very best!

  • Ride the storm……. Complicated……. Piano based tunes with a real meaning and soul behind them. Been a fan for as long as I can remember so will be buying and loving whatever you produce. Been to see a few gigs at Sale Waterhouse Arts centre with artists playing on their own. Lloyd Cole, Justin Currie and think you should play there….. Small venue but would be magic to se you there

  • Time. It has such wonderful lyrics and a great sound.

  • Andrew plays and sings in some great genres…possibly a swing/jazz album Nat king Cole stylish would be real cool…addictive was fabulous a great Fusion from past albums but refreshing as ever and his Vocals and musician ship just keep going from strength to strength and to see Roach ford Live just drives it all home…fantastic artist with many talents and many more albums to come I’m sure…

  • My favourite song changes based on time and the way that I feel, it’s complicated. Roachford is constantly going in and out of my life, he’s addictive. When I was a young father, I didn’t want to be a tied down man. At church today, I thought there’s got to be a higher love and I get high when I hear tomorrow.

    I am so glad he is back in the studio as you can’t take away the music. Otherwise I would turn a permanent shade of blue. How could I advise Andrew on albums! Guess I must be crazy, to have one good reason to suggest the music the maestro makes. I’d be lying again if I said I can wait patiently until the new album’s arrival. It’s going to be a matter of survival, I’ll get ready and ride the storm.

    In life’s turbulent river Roachford’s muzak lives for ever, giving comfort and joy like a cuddly toy, its part of the man that I am.

    PS/ Please come to Dublin or Glasgow ASAP Andrew

  • Great news that Andrew is in the studio again..

    more along the Addictive route, please.. great fusion of modern with an emotion of the past.

    the tunes just get better and better. kepp up the great work and inspiration

  • Think one of my all time favourites is ‘The Way That I Feel’ looovvvee the way that song builds and the gospel choir type backing to Andrews voice. Makes you feel really happy and lifted, a song that I always play loud! For the next album, so excited to hear that a new album is on it’s way! Take the albums Feel, Word of Mouth, Heart of the matter and Addictive mix it all together and you will have another brilliant album. I think that great mixture of the very soulful songs, the up lifting songs, the got to get up and dance Andrew Roachford songs and the very funky modern styles of songs are what I love from your albums Andrew! PS Can ‘Survival’ be on it too please, really loved that collaboration. All the best, hope you are feeling inspired! Hey and how about a duet with someone?

    • Sorry just had to add so great you are coming back to Leicester Andrew in October, I shall be calling on my friends to join me there!

  • I thought I had my answer but then I read the replays above and it reminded me of loads more great tracks.

    All great albums have mix of music on them from songs like “innocent eyes” and “heaven is” to ” the doctor” and “the way I feel”.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Love all your albums, must say that Addictive was amazing and will be hard to top. Everything you do is timeless, I’m booked back to see you in London, can’t wait for the album.

  • my favs are : This generation, the way I feel , river of love , and the whole addictive album , glad to hear you are back in the studio , along with Colin Vearncombe I think you 2 are the greatest singer song writers in Britain,


  • My favorite is “This Generation feat Mousse-T” absolutely mind boggling performance best I have ever seen.

  • Favourite song – Kathleen
    what I want from the next album? surprise me…but just bring one out.

  • Why deviate from a winning formulae. Some anti establishment/protest songs similar to “Work it out” would be good.

  • While I may be late to comment, I’m just happy to have the opportunity. I have so many favorites, and they all speak to my soul, but ‘River of Love’ and ‘How Could I? (Insecurity)’ are seriously infectious tunes.

    You’re much loved here in the States too Andrew, and whatever sound you create next is going to be one I’m happy with. You never disappoint.

  • Very good news! I’m a fan since the first cd. The last mike and the mechanics was very good to.

  • Tomorrow, This generation,Shoot it from the heart, lay your love on me and definitely Since, In fact everything on every album is great never disappoint so just keep doing what you do.

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