Updated – Poll: Where should Roachford’s next UK tour go?

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Now we’ve had a lot of suggestions we’ve added a poll with some of the ones most commonly requested.

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Where should Roachford's next tour go?

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It’s always good to kick off the year making plans and so that’s exactly what we’re going to help Andrew’s management do…

Plans are afoot for a new UK tour before too long, but we’ve noticed that every time there’s a tour there are calls to add extra towns or cities.

So this article is your opportunity to add comments with where you think the next UK tour should head – over to you….

160 Comments to “Updated – Poll: Where should Roachford’s next UK tour go?”

  • Bristol!

    • Hi What about the centre of YORKSHIRE Leeds*/Sheffield -some great venues “UP North”

      • Yes Yorkshire please!

  • Jazz cafe, islington – always the best!

  • Cambridge ???

    • Cambridge. Corn Exchange. Would sounds great!

      • or a return to the met lounge in peterborough i could handle too max, quite the most brilliant live artist i have seen, up close, informal, perfection! I walked on air for a week!

  • Try a few smaller places, where we don’t often get such illustrious company – would be thrilled skinny to see you in Selby – Town Hall is quite well respected apparently http://www.selbytownhall.co.uk/

    • sounds good to me especially as its close to leeds

  • Cambridge. It would be a Roachford magnet.

  • Has to Glasgow

  • Cambridgeshire please !!!!!

  • Please, please, please come to Belfast.

    • Yes Belfast please please please!

  • Cresset peterborough


  • Basingstoke. Please,its been a long time since you played the Anvil.

  • How about my wedding in leeds in september? i know its a long shot but i had to ask. Failing that anywhere near leeds and we will be there Andrew.

  • Southampton The Brook- seen you there twice, fantastic gig both times!

  • Hereford please. Or at least go back to Worcester. It was a quirky venue this year wasn’t it?! x

  • Sheffield, just like you used to in days gone by !

  • How about Bromsgrove, Worcestershire “The Artrix”.

    Or “Huntingdon Hall” Worcester

    What about an open air charity event at Bromsgrove Hockey Club with all proceeds going towards the building of an Astro Turf hockey pitch at the club. We dont have one boo hoo

  • The Brook Southampton…..a must!!!!!!!!!

  • You must come back to Oxford.Great gig last year. You could allways come and do a gig in my Function Room as my customers all ready listen to all your work every night in the pub πŸ™‚

  • The Sage, Gateshead please πŸ™‚

    • Agreed! That would be perfect.

      • The Sage and Roachford what a fanastic combination

  • Hi Andrrew. Have a think about The Ashcroft Theatre, Fairfield Halls, Croydon. Saw Paul (Carrack) there a little while ago. Very intimate & sound quite good too. Look forward to it. Rob

  • Huntingdon Hall, Worcester, again please!

  • anywhere central london. I think I missed a gig this year at the Jazz Cafe – dang!

  • Worcester,Tewkesbury or Gloucester or all three!!
    Great show last year at worcester

  • anywhere in newcastle

    • The Cluney would be a great venue

  • Colchester arts centre. Definitely Norwich again

  • Colchester or Norwich Please x

  • Colchester please x

  • Colchester or Norwich please

  • Colchester Arts Centre please!!!!!! xx

  • Please play Leicester again – The gig at The Musician was great.

    • Please come back to Leicester, Musicians gig was fantastic!

  • Oxford, Birmingham Glee, MK Stables & Jazz Cafe. Doesn’t matter really, we’ll travel wherever you are. Looking forward to it. Take care xxx

  • Portsmouth is always great but will go anywhere on the South Coast or even better still come to your loyal fans on the Isle of Wight !!!

  • Please come back to Norwich πŸ˜€

  • The Jazz Cafe, Camden was good, as was Milton Keynes, The Stables. How about The Alban Arena, St Albans?

  • Glasgow…has to be Glasgow

    The O2 ABC Glasgow to be precise.

  • The Jazz cafe Camden would be great I’d love to experience you there again and bring some more friends mwa P

  • My house, Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland! Please come back to the West Coast of Scotland, Glasgow ABC is always jumping! x

  • Bournemouth’s O2 Academy, and i promise not to walk into you as i did at Heathrow in 1994. Had a good chat with your drummer about his Cymbals, carried as hand luggage, mind you.

  • Would love to see you play ABC in Glasgow again

    saw you twice there before


  • Sheffield…. or there abouts.

    Take it easy….

  • Have to agree with the call for Southampton (The Brook) also the Railway Arms Winchester is worth a shout!. seen you once at the Bush Hall, once at the Wedgwood Rooms, and twice at the Brook, never been disapointed, pleasure to watch and always a great show.

  • Colchester, or the Corn Exchange in Cambridge…..

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  • manchester!!

    and hey guys check out my cover of ‘Only to be with you’ πŸ™‚


  • pls come back to 10ft tall in cardiff, you were awesome & I need to hear you again!!!!!

  • All the best guys, we would love to see you play Newcastle, anywhere, if your not sure where, just let us help! Play here on the way to Scotland and come back for a second night on your way back south…… Newcastle!!!! Carnt wait

  • The Stables Milton Keynes

  • Mr Kyps in Poole (Parkstone) would be awesome. We’ve seen you loads of times, favorite gig definately the Fleece in Bristol, but they’ve always been brilliant!

  • please come back to Manchester or come to Stoke! We love ya Andrew!! x

  • Nottingham “the social” or bodega as its called now
    An amaze balls gig you did there
    Although I am willing to accept rock city or the glee club
    Make it soon though as I have eardrum cravings to satisfy!

  • Shrewsbury!!!!!!! please, cant wait to see you again x


  • Australia

  • Cheltenham!

  • Please please come to Norwich. UEA or Waterfront. We’d love to see you.
    Its the perfect venue for East Anglia.

  • Newcastle! – The MatM gig was great and everyone rocked out to the Roachford numbers!

  • Cambridge please!!

  • Come to Barnstaple Queens theatre or the amazing acoustics of the Landmark Theatre in North Devon!
    I’ll do a free photo shoot if you do!!!!!!
    LOVE your music man!

  • To see you at the BIC (Bournemouth) would be awesome, cuddly toy a must!!

  • Please come to Aberdeen!!!!!!!

  • 10 foot tall club cardiff,remember the heckler?????????? only joking on that one,The Beaufort theatre Beaufort gwent please please please

  • Please, come and play in The Netherlands……Hope 2 see you soon in Rotterdam or Amsterdam!!!!! xxx

  • Leeds please!xx

  • It would be great to see you in Liverpool again, last time for me was at the Liverpool Academy, before that was the royal court in 1997 or 98. You were support to the Christians. I was with them and yourselves back stage, don’t think you’d remember me but we all had a laff especially you me and Roger Christian god rest his soul… Anyway it has to be Liverpool soon…. Surely!

  • The Sage Gateshead/Newcastle. Best music venue in the UK.

  • needs to hace a concert in belfast

  • back to Voodoo Lounge Edinburgh….fantastic gig last time …nice venue …

  • sheffield octagon or leadmill as before.


  • Shepherds Bush Empire! Your last gig there was incredible

  • Come to Scotland! Edinburgh or Glasgow. The Clyde Auditorium is a great venue.

  • Tan Hill pub, highest in England! Brilliant pub; remote and atmospheric. Hey, don’t laugh …. Arctic Monkeys did a gig there some years back!!

  • I think Birmingham should be an option in the poll

  • COME TO DUBLIN. I’ll fucking organise it myself!!! We would love you the head over here!

  • Belfast!!!!!!!!!

  • Come to sunny Blackpool and the winter gardens

  • you are allways very welcome in cologne/germany!

    hope to see you there as soon as possible.

  • The Brook in Southampton again would be great or The Railway in Winchester. Wherever you decide, we will be there!!!

  • The netherlands please

  • Australia – Melbourne please!!!!!!!!

  • Manchester!

  • Denmark is the place to go πŸ™‚ What really would be great is a concert at the jazz place in Copenhagen, The Montmatre πŸ˜‰

  • Get yourself over to The Emerald Isle……how bout Belfast?

  • Would love to see you in Sweden! I’ve been waiting for years πŸ™‚
    How about Stockholm or GΓΆteborg?

  • What about France ?

  • Bristol or Bath

  • Edinburgh please!

  • AMSTERDAM!!! Please… Otherwise the flight costs make it so expensive to come and enjoy your show πŸ˜‰

  • Luton – have you even been to this part of the world yet?

  • Has to be Glasgow!!!!!!!! O2 ABC. Andrew you know it makes sense-the best audience in the world.

  • Anywhere in The North west would be a good choice.
    Why dont you try and get an idea of where most of the fans live and ask for postcode info.

    With the beeb moving to Media city a manchester / salford gig offers great chance of exposure.

  • Bournemouth 02 or mr kyps in parkstone,poole would be cool. souyh coast. seen you at wedgewood rooms and loved that venue as not too massive and you even sang without mic for one slower song. never been to the brook before but also sounds good. Very exciting, will keep eye out for tour dates! ! Cheers

  • The fruit market in Glasgow is an awesome
    venue , hope to see you there πŸ™‚

  • DENMARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Cheltenham and The Nibley Festival (sold out this year in just 36 hours!)

  • Please come to Swindon. If you don;t we will trvel to Bristol as we usually do.

  • Munich !!!!!!!!!!

  • Mannheim- Germany!!!!

  • Manchester please!

  • Hi Andrew

    We would love to see you play in Newcastle, you know that!! The sage is a great venue as you well know, but your more suited to a standing venue so we can rock the place out, so we would prefer to see you play somewhere more suited to your audience.

    The fact is we are really looking forward to your gig in the north east!!

  • Wife and I see you every year. Brilliant.
    What about playing at The Place Telford or The Robin 2 in Bilston.
    See you soon.

  • How about a small venue in Manchester or Liverpool?

    If you get enough interest possibly somewhere in Cumbria? Theres some great gig locations around Kendal and there would be plenty of Roachford fans around!

  • Come to the Subscription Rooms Stroud Gloucestershire. We saw you at a very small gig at Weston Super mare 25 yrs ago !!! it was brill x

  • SHREWSBURY ……………………………

  • Your next UK tour should be in AUSTRALIA. Not actually in the Uk in the strictest sense but we have the same Queen. Sydney, Australia. Call it a working holiday if you like.

  • He should come to Philadelphia, PA USA!!!!

  • How about back to Australia, it’s been a while!

  • I travelled to see you at 10ft tall in Cardiff last year and Uxbridge the year before, would love to see you play my home town, Dundee, failing that anywhere in the UK!!

  • I voted for Glasgow because that is where Roachford began for me.I say go back to the places that from the beginning welcomed you and treated you good.Second, get to places that never had a chance to see you and of course pick spots geographicaly located to make you available to the most fans.Good luck on tour.

  • Australia…Sydney…the most beautiful city on the planet. PLEASE come and visit and pop around to our house for afternoon tea! Alix’s eccles cakes are to die for!!!!
    By the look of it, you have many fans down under just on this list!
    OK dinner too, if you can make it!!!!

  • Get your ass back to MK The Stables – great show last year!!!!!!!

  • Copenhagen DK — at Montmatre

  • Come back to Portsmouth please

  • What about coming to Birmingham?….

  • Kent? Kent’s a very nice place if you ignore the Chavs πŸ™‚


  • Swindon, Salisbury city hall, bath forum, marlborough

  • Wolverhampton Civic or O2 Academy

  • The Kazimier in Liverpool would be a great choice as well.

  • My wish is a gig in Spain (North West, I prefer, but Madrid is not bad) or Portugal.
    Regards from Lugo, Spain

  • Seen you at 10feet tall Cardiff, great gig!!! Looking forward to seeing you later in the year, Cheers

  • Hiya Andy

    We would love you to come to Bury Met

    Its fantastic venue for all live music

    Google it and look at the artists that appear there

    We are the couple who come to see you at the Academy in Manchester whenever you are there We missed our train last time as you did so many encores. It was the best show I have ever been to I was at the front dancing all blooming night with two old friends of yours
    I got email from your auntie who we met that time at Cavern in Liverpool whose daughter lives in Battersea she was saying you were there at Christmas giving advice on a keyboard for the kids sounded good
    Cant wait to see you on next visit up here Soon we hope

    Bev and Phil Travers


  • Andrew Glasgow please

  • We miss you in Denmark

  • Yorkshire – Leeds, York, Great Northern Wine Ripon….

  • always Manchester

  • Has to be cardiff. Six years since you played the glee club!

  • Come to the indig02 – great venue and easy to get to with lots of parking!

  • Noticed there were some other keen fans from Sydney, Australia. Are you starting to feel the pressure? Come on over!

  • hey there !
    please come to australia again. it’s been too long buddy!

  • Always great to see you in London – how about heading out along the Uxbridge Road to Ealing? Take a look at our venue on our website or find us on facebook under ‘Ealing Venue Hire’…

    We’d love to have you here – either in Ealing itself or over at Greenford Assembly Halls

  • If you can’t do Tan Hill, how about my back garden? Plenty of space … wine and beer on tap … appreciative audience … Ok, ok, guess that’s not a viable proposition so how about The Buck Inn, Reeth – another cosy, North Yorkshire inn with a great track record in live music. Go on Andrew, you know you want to!!! xxx

  • Ipswich, failing that Colchester! The Corn Exchange is crying out for some quality!

  • Please, in London any Saturday!

  • Please come and play Cuddly Toy at my wedding!

  • Exeter or Plymouth – don’t deny yourself!

  • I’m sorry to have missed this site before now. I hope you get out there London, Warford, Croydon, I’ll be there

  • Gig city – MANCHESTER!!!

  • Please come to The Brook in Southampton again. I have told absolutely everyone what a great gig it was – I think I could fill the place with just my mates and work colleagues!!!!

  • Just played the RAW DVD again ….so come on back to Australia, Andrew, PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Come to Cardiff – that would be great!


  • bristol please,you always come to bristol,it’s your home from home!! well im coming up to jazz cafe camden seeing your not coming to me!!xx

  • Got to play Manchester again soon!

  • Why not, I say….why not take-up ALL the above suggestions & satisfy everyone?!?!

    Ahh…… but there is the LITTLE matter of the Mike & The Mechanics next tour, I presume……?

    You did great gigs at Manchester Acad & Apollo with the Mechanics, yes, I know, wish I had seen you sooner, never mind!

    But Southampton Brook (my Hometown) would be different……..

  • You have to come back to Glasgow, Andrew, I have waited since I heard your first album in 1988 to see you play live. I finally got my wish at the ABC in Glasgow on the 2nd June and I was totally blown away!!! You were sensational, in great form and great rappor with the crowd, sound great live and the band were great! I will be there to see you again anytime you play in Glasgow!

  • Come on Andrew, back to the Brook Southampton!!!!

  • Falmouth



    Tonight was fantastic, come back soon Mr Roachford

  • Cambridge was the closest one on the list but Peterborought Cresset, Met lounge or the voodoo lounge in Stamford would be even better.
    Saw you at Isle of wight and the gig was incredible x

  • Hope Roachford can come to Devon or Cornwall and maybe Exeter! πŸ™‚

  • Come to Plymouth. It’s afbout time you played here.

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