October and November tour

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I’m very pleased to annouce that I’ll back on the road this autumn – heading out on my own headline UK tour during October and November. All of the dates currently booked are below, we’ll be adding a few more in the next week or so.

For those of you in Europe we’re planning to annouce some dates in June, we’ll update those on this list as soon as we have the information….

If any of you are heading to the Isle of Wight Festival, in addition to Mike and the Mechanics set on the main stage, I’ll be playing in the Acoustic/garden tent on the same evening (Saturday 11th June) at about 9.30pm.

All of the tour dates are on the gig page.

31 Comments to “October and November tour”

  • Will there be any more dates on your tour ?

    • Hey Chris,

      I’ve updated the article tonight to include that there will be a few more UK dates announced and then some European ones in June.



  • Hi Andrew,

    Hope you are able to fit a visit in to Newcastle during you tour!! Cheers

    • We may not get there on this tour but will get to Newcastle

      • Hi Stephen,

        Thanks for the feedback, so will the nearest gig be York or Edinburgh? We will not miss the tour!!

        • Hi Graham,

          At the moment yes that will be the nearest gigs.



  • What about some more Scottish dates, please!!! You know you want to!!! Glasgow or west coast are still missing you! x

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Andrew does want to play more Scottish dates, it is just routing and timing are working against us at the moment…



  • Any Manchester dates planned ???

    • Hi Dan,

      Yes Manchester is on the cards. Should have a date in a few weeks on the site..



  • Oxford O2 great venue and about time.Looking forward to it.

    • Yes it has been a while should be good!



  • Great to see that you are coming back to the Glee club in B’ham….can’t wait…

    • Andrew is very much looking forward to the UK Tour



  • Any chance you’ll make it to Ireland on this tour?

    • Hi John,

      We have no plans for Ireland this year but maybe next something might get put in place.



  • you cannot play scotland without playing glasgow guys please make it happen



  • After the reception at the Mechanics gig in Newcastle (Gateshead!) last night, it is clear that the Geordies need more Roachford in their lives!!! Please come and rock the place out!

  • Why on the UK tour later in the year is there such big differences in the ticket prices for each venue? Only £10 at York but £16 at Manchester and £17.50 for Liverpool.

    This is poor on the fans as we all know regional dates should all be the same price and a couple of extra pounds are charged for London, this is how it has always worked so whats changed?

    • Hi Darren,

      The venue’s on the October November dates have different ways of working out their cost. like if the advertising is done in house or they have to get an outside company in, venue Insurance rent of the building for the day etc….. These factors on these size venue affect the ticket prices.



  • Are you coming to portugal?

  • Can’t believe I missed that Roachford was playing with M&TM. Caught one song on Isle of Wight Festival, still the man!! Would love to see you in Glasgow as Edinburgh on a Wed night is impossible to get babysitters for!! Here’s hoping, good to have you back. Still mind Tuts when Permanent Shade of Blue came out, still in top 5 all time gigs.

  • Hey Andrew,

    Any chance of coming to Toronto? A supplanted ex-pat whi can’t get back to watch you

  • Coming to see you in Munich whilst there for the xmas markets. I know it’s towards the end of your tour, so please don’t lose your excellent voice by then. Okay?!?

    All the best 🙂

  • Hi guys, I have got 2 tickets for the York gig, our babysitter has had an accident and we are unable to go to the gig, I am gutted!! so I have one or two tickets to give away, if someone in the Newcastle area wants 1 ticket, its your very lucky day, as I will be able to go and give you a lift, if not I will give the 2 tickets away to what will be an amazing gig!! Just get in touch with Stephen who runs the site and he will pass on my details… I hope!! see you next time Andrew, thanks

  • Hi

    Just wanted to say really enjoyed the show last night in Norwich!!
    Was brilliant!!
    Been a fan for ages but was the first time I’ve watching you live.
    Hope its not too long before your next tour.

    All the best

  • Hi Andrew,

    Great gig at The Stables MK. Was also at Jazz Cafe for Stevie Wonder tribute and plan to be back there to see you in December.

    You get better with age my friend!

  • Excellent gig at the Musician in Leicester thanks to Andrew and his great band, well done for surviving the heat! Thank you for signing my album and for a chat. I had brought my Brother along with me who was not that familiar with your songs, he was really impressed and is hoping to see you again in London later on the tour. Thoroughly enjoyed the concert and what a great crowd, was a little wedged in so could not go completely dance crazy when you did ‘Cuddly toy’ to take me back to my teenage years. You are still absolutely amazing Andrew what a beautiful voice look forward to seeing you again in concert someday, loving the new album your albums are like a box of chocolates which one shall I pick next? Love them!

  • Wedgewood rooms Southsea 25th Oct. What a gig, absolutely terrific. The band were superb. Wife and I enjoyed every minute and thought the backing audience were great too.

  • Any chance of touring NewZealand in the future,

  • Excellent gig in York last night. My third gig after Fat Sams in Dundee in 1988 or 9, Manchester Academy a few years ago and now as an old man in York. Like the new album too. Glad I bought it a few days before the show. Good to here the old stuff too.

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