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We hope everyone that’s made it to see the Mike and the Mechanics tour so far has enjoyed the shows, we came across a few videos on youtube and thought you might like them…

This one is from the Princes Trust Rock Gala Concert

and these two are from Smooth Radio the new single Reach Out and the The Living Years

50 Comments to “Andrew singing with Mike and the Mechanics”

  • Awesome 🙂 Do you have any plans to do any shows in Toronto Canada ?

    • Hi Mark, No plans at the moment to come to Canada

  • just saw the show – MIke and the Mechanics are lucky to have you. The beauty, sincerity and truth of what you do cannot be bought, taught or sold!….You have made my day, sorry week, sorry year (so far!!)
    Always knew I loved you, now I just know how much!!

    • Many thanks Deborah.



  • Went to the Royal Albert Hall last night, you were fantastic, I really liked ‘ I Dont’t do love’ it was really soulful and heartfelt, really touching.
    The last time I saw you live was at at the Leadmill in Sheffield about 10 years ago and we still talk about it now.
    Terrific night, was smiling all the way home Thank you Andrew, gonna come see you again soon!

    • Many thanks Anne,

      Andrew will be back soon!



  • Hey! I just listened your gig in the Nottingham and I was surprised, positively. Why you have only three songs in the setlist from The Road?

    • Hi Anthony,

      It is just a case of so many songs, so little time,



  • Wow – the concert at the Royal Albert Hall last night was AMAZING and have just bought the new album and have been listening to it all day – love it! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

    • Many thanks Jinni enjoy the new album.



  • Hi Andrew, I live in Holland and went together with a friend to Londen especially to go to the Mike and the Mechanics cocnert in The Royal Albert Hall. What an overwhelming performance. What a great singers the both of you are. Amazing voices together and for sure a big added value to the music of Mike. From the beginning I am a big fan of Genesis and Mike and the Mechanics and now also of you. Thanks for all the emotions. I enjoyed the show a lot!

    Hans Uittenhout, the Netherlands

    • Hi Hans,

      Thanks for you for your comments. Always good to hear from someone that enjoyed the show..



  • Hi, We came down from Lincolnshire to see the show at the Royal Albert Hall with our two teenage daughters and what a wonderful night we had. We have been Genesis fans for many years and therefore also love Mike and The Mechanics. The current band with yourself and Tim is fantastic, thanks so much to you all. Hope to see you again somewhere.

    • Hi Sue,

      It is a good thing you enjoyed the show as that is a long way to travel.
      If you like, you can join the mailing list and you will be sent emails whenever Andrew is playing out..



      • Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ve just been listening to Cuddly Toy again, it was great hearing Andrew singing this in London and to see our daughters’ reaction to it. They love it!
        Would like to join the mailing list.

        • Hi Sue,

          You can join the mailing list on this site by going to the home page and click on mailing list or you can email us your email address and we will add you on.



  • Hi Andrew,

    I’ve been an enourmous fan of yours since the ‘Cuddly Toy’ days! Saw you at Shepherds Bush Empire about ten years ago, amazing! My husband has also always been a fan of Mike and the Mechanics, so what an incredible collaboration. Can’t wait to hear more. Do you have any further dates for London?

    • Hi Eleanor,

      Andrew is playing at the Jazz Cafe in London on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th December



  • went to see Mike and the Mechanics in Portsmouth!!! Wow, what a night!!! Really Really enjoyed it, and you now have another fan!!!! many thanks for the superb entertainment!!!! look forward to the next tour!!

    • Hi Elaine,

      Glad you enjoyed the show and always good to have new fans!



  • OMG!!!!! Thanks for a truly AMAZING concert tonight you bought the house down!!!! It was a real pleasure to get to meet you guys & watch you rehearse during the sound check. Than you this has been a night to always remember.

  • OMG!!!!! Steve & Lisa (25yrs!!) met the band tonight in Plymouth what a privilege. Andrew & Tim’s voices were incredible. Mike well done on choosing two fantastic new Mechanics. Xxx

    • Glad you enjoy the show Steve & Lisa



  • Went to see Mike and the Mechanics last night in Manchester. What a fantastic evening. Andrew was fantastic, loved his sexy voice and as for those moves! We were on the front row, loved every minute of it. Thank you.

  • Hi Andrew,

    Just got back home from tonights concert, and I have to say it was superb.

    I didn’t know what to expect with the changes to the line-up, but the vocals were superb with Tim and yourself.

  • HI Andrew,

    We were at the gig in Gateshead last night and had a fantastic night. The sound in the sage was amazing and you were on top form. I did not expect to here the two songs of your own so a massive bonus!!

    Now we know your a man of your words, so we look forward to you fulfilling your comments “Its great here, I am definitely coming back here” Soon we hope.

    PS the new album, where I stand is an excellent piece of work and we are looking forward to seeing you play them live, so catch you in York.



  • Just been to Sheffield to watch Andrew singing with Mike and the yawn mechanics !! whilst I see the career move , I cant wait to see Mr Roachford performing his own songs with his own band !!
    But he is an amazing dancer !!!(Dawns comment ) so so so good Andrew , you completely stole the show !!! we love you and im not remotely gay !!!!

    • Hi Jez,

      Well Thanks for coming to the show in Sheffield and maybe see you on the later tour



  • I saw the Mechanics gig’s at Manchester and Sheffield…….they were fantastic and Andrew’s performances at both shows were the highlight of the evening……SUPERB !

    Gary 😉

  • I saw you yesterday in Zürich. It was great. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been. Thanks a lot.

    Why didn’t you bring your new album (CD) with you? I wantetd to buy one!!

    • Hi Fritz,

      There where supposed to be CD’s at the show, we just ran into a few problems that stopped this happening.



  • Thank you guys for the gig in Karlsruhe, it was great, enorm, beautiful voice you have Andrew…
    We drive from France to see you play live and we have fun to hear and see you…
    You bring “new wind” in the Band and you are à fantastic singer….
    Have a nice time et vive Mike & the Mechanics…

    • Hi Alain, we met after the concert, unfortunately I was not able to find you with the nickname you provided though. Hope you’ll read this and we can get in touch, you can find me on the German Genesis fanclub site with nickname “Turn It On Again”.

      For Andrew, thank you so much for the amazing performance with the Mechanics and especially together with Tim Howar, you both rocked the stage and this was the best concert I’ve ever been to. I hope Anthony Drennan was right and you will do a lot of more shows and albums together 🙂

      • Hi Robert,

        Thanks for the comment,



        • Thanks for your reply! In addition to the videos you posted above there is also a recording of “All I Need Is A Miracle” with Tim Howar in lead from Smooth Radio. Perhaps you may want to add it as well as Andrew also did great on the vocal backups 🙂

  • Hi Andrew,
    we have seen and heard you September 2010 in Cologne ( Pfandleihhaus ). A few days ago we heard you in Duisburg with the mechanics – completely different –
    we like it all !!!
    We would love to see you again. Please send us more information about your acoustic gig in Cologne the 16.07.2011. Were is it possible to buy the tickets.
    Greets and take care

  • Hey Guys,
    New and old stuff sounds great. How about an Irish show?


    • Hi Nial,

      Thanks for the comment, we are going to look into the possibility of playing Ireland



  • Have been watching Mike & Genesis and related since queueing for tickets for 40+ hours in 1980. Saw M&TM at The Isle of Wight festival and it was great that you woke up the crowd in such spectacular fashion. Follow You, Follow Me was such a great track and part of the soundtrack to my younger life. Thanks for continuing such a special story and I was more than impressed with your fantastic contribution. Thanks again. Mike

    • Hi Mike,

      Always good to get a perspective of such a long time Mike & Genesis fan.
      The late Paul Young’s wife came to some of the shows on the tour and
      she said much the same to Andrew and Tim..
      Thanks for your comment.



  • Hey Andrew,
    as I’ve been waiting a long time to visit a gig of yours in Germany I recently decided to see you with Mike&the Mechanics in Karlsruhe…it was overwhelming. What a concert. Great voices of yours and Tim! This special music mixture went straight through my veins 😀 Thanks a lot for this show!!
    I felt a little bit sorry, because there where so many empty seats, but I believe that everybody at the show was as delighted as I am. As I looked around there was nobody sitting after the warm up was finished 😉
    Now I’m looking forward to visit your gig in Lorsch on the 23rd of november. YEAH!
    Have a real good time and take care of your fantastic voice,
    kind regards,


  • Came to see you in Brighton and it was soooo brilliant that I drove to Bristol the following evening to repeat the experience. Love your stuff!! Love the Mechanics!! Tim’s pretty good too!! Please do it again soon……….


  • I saw you play at the isle of wight festival and you were AWESOME – me and my friend proper got our groove on singing at the top of our lungs – we will definatelly be coming to see you when you are at the Glee club in birmingham later on in the year!!
    cuddly toy is one of my favourite songs EVER – gives me goose bumps xxxxx

  • Hi Andrew,
    though I think, that M.a.t.M. had never sounded better than this….YOU and your band (I saw you at the “Fabrik” in Hamburg a few years ago and I have most of your albums) have impressed me far more!!! We will come and join you at the Downtown Blues Club in Hamburg at the 2nd of December this year to hear one of the greatest songwriters of r´n b and soul for the last 30 years (worldwide). See you! I.M.S.

  • Absolutely brilliant Andrew….. paul young would be proud hearing you sing his songs !

  • Are you definitely coming to Manchester this time only ticketmaster dont have on the list and i’m confused?

    Its been a long time. I last saw you at @ Life bar in manchester around 2003.

  • I have been the biggest Andrew Roachford fan for over 20 years,from the first time i saw
    him on friday night live singing family man!! since then i had seen him live over 15 times & even been fortunate to meet him & his brother stephen to talk to quite a few times!! i now run an appreciation society on face book which loads of fans have joined & i have become friends with some amazing roachford fans!! i am coming up to jazz cafe in june & have tickets for 2 M&M gigs in cardiff & bath in july. I am so excited to be meeting up with some of my new friends!!! we all have one thing in commen…. our love & respect for a fantastic singer/song writer!! THE LEGEND THAT IS ANDREW ROACHFORD!!!!

  • How can this guy not be a superstar no justice

  • was at the villa marina on the isle of man last night, and what a night! pure joy, danced and loved every minute. please come back soon xx

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