Where I Stand – out now

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Andrew’s new 8 track album is available to order now via this website (or on most digital download sites).

The track listing is:

  1. Complicated
  2. Wishing You Knew
  3. Home
  4. Say Yeah
  5. Change The World
  6. About Now
  7. Feel Like Screaming
  8. Standing
You can order it from the Roachford online shop.

16 Comments to “Where I Stand – out now”

  • i got it today….. now I have all the roachford ‘s records again

    • Hope you enjoy the album

      • Hi, Stephen,

        I used to be ” an ancient friend” of Andrew and Derrick Taylor. I visited Derrick and he came to my house in Germany. I tried to get back to him, but haven`t been successful, yet. Do you know anything about him, if he is healthy and still happy? There are no further intentions from my side, I would just like to know if he is all right. I`d be really grateful for just any information, without this being released!

        Best regards from Germany


        • Hi Silke,

          Derrick is very well



  • Can you let me know when the CD will be on general release please ?


    • Hi Chris,

      This CD “Where I Stand” will only be on this site and download sites.
      Andrew is releasing an album later this year that will go on general release.
      The album will be called “Addictive”



  • I went to the Mike & The Mechanics concert in London last week and would have loved to buy Andrew’s new solo album from the merchandise stand.
    How come it’s not being offered for sale after concerts? Pity, as lots of people were taken over by his great personality and unique voice and would have loved to explore his solo music albums.

    • Hi Albert,

      Yes his album was supposed to be on sale on the tour.
      We just had a few issues that stop this from happening.



  • Hello Andrew.

    When you come to Brighton later this year is there any chance of you putting my favorite song of yours Someday on your set list, followed by Tomorrow and all the songs on the Where I stand cd which is just great. Not to much to ask is it ? lol.
    It`s great to see your wonderfull talent back in the public eye, so long may it continue. Many thanks.

    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the comment. Andrew has so many request for so many songs now, that it is not possible to get them in a show! Still Andrew has seen your comment and you never know…



  • Hi,

    I would really like to purchase the new album “Where I Stand”. Is it possible to send it to Germany where I live?


    • Hi Annika,

      Yes we can send a CD anywhere in the world.



  • Hi Stephen, just a little line to say that I can’t wait to receive this album and really looking forward to Addictive after such a long wait…..See you in December at the Jazz cafe….take care….Sandg

    • Many Thanks



  • hey there, can I still by WHERE I STAND ? I have my copy, but wanna buy a few more copies for friends and family…. Not there at the new shop …. DOH !

    • Hi Andrew,

      We are just changing over the management of the shop as people are buying quicker than the old system can manage.
      The new shop will have “Where I stand” in it.
      So you will be able to buy from there hopefully next week.


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