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We are really excited to announce the release of Andrews Roachford’s album ‘Where I Stand’.  It will be available as a digital download from 10th April and also as a limited CD edition available exclusively through this website from 30th April.

Andrew explains, “It’s a very honest album, just the songs and not too many fancy production tricks. For me simplicity is the key, the past couple of years have been a really creative time for me. Going back to basics with my acoustic touring really inspired me and that’s what I wanted to capture with the ‘Where I Stand’ album.”

Stand out tracks such as ‘About Now’, with it’s stripped back production and heart rending lyrical honesty and the uplifting Coldplay-esque ‘Complicated’ with it’s sing-along melodies, perfectly showcase the sound of an artist on top of his game and packing an emotional punch and maturity that few artists achieve.

This album sums up the theme of relationships in a way everyone can recognize, and also represents different chapters in his musical life over the past five years that have taken him from Germany and France to Australia and Ibiza. As Andrew puts it “This album explores the dynamic of, love, passion and relationships on many different levels. Just the songs and the minimum amount of music to support it, which is how it works live”

“On the album About now has the right balance of soulfulness and it feels real and it’s talking about that all too familiar raw feeling of going through a break-up but still dealing with it. With Home, I used being at war as an example of an extreme situation that makes you realize what really matters most – it still comes back to love and actually having a connection with someone and wanting to be with them.”

Coming back stronger than ever with an emotionally exposed, stripped back sound that few have the raw ability to pull off, ‘Where I Stand’ is sure to usher in the next stage of Andrew Roachford’s musical career.

‘Where I Stand’ will be available here on Andrew Roachford’s official website from the 30th April.

UK tour dates will be announced at the start of May.

Download links

Buy ‘Where I Stand’ on iTunes
Buy ‘Where I Stand’ on Play
Buy ‘Where I Stand’ on Tesco
Buy ‘Where I Stand’ on Amazon
Buy ‘Where I Stand’ on Hmv digital
Buy ‘Where I Stand’ on 7digital

23 Comments to “Album update”

  • Will download also be available from itunes ?

    • Hi Mark, Yes, it will be once a pre order link is available I’ll add it.

  • Really looking forward to the new album and the tour!

    Did I imagine it, or was there talk of a second release later in the year?

    Lots of luck with it!!

    • Hey Richard, I believe that is the plan, this initial stripped back album and then a full studio one later in the year. I’ll message Andrew’s manager to see if this is still the case.

    • Yes there will be another album later this year

  • Hi.

    Having got all Roachfords albums, i’m looking forward to this new one.

    Any idea if the tour will include any dates for the North East of England?. Fingers crossed there are.



    • Andrew will be there towards the end of the year..

      • Hope to see Andrew in Glasgow. Saw him at the ABC and it was a wonderful, intimate gig but he could fill out the O2 Academy, Glasgow and more folk would get to see him. I’ll check the tour dates next month for sure, thanks.

  • Had a listen on Amazon preview, sounds amazing!! Top fella Andrew, Cheers

  • Just downloaded “Where I Stand” from iTunes (Australia). ABSOLUTELY SUPERB (of course)!!!! PLEASE come back to Sydney this year!
    John & Alix
    PS Otherwise we may just have to take in a concert in London (or Brighton!) when we come home to see the first match at Brighton & Hove Albion’s new stadium! Andrew – if you come to Sydney … you would make many other loyal fans happy too!

    • Working on getting out there…

      • hi Stephen, will your brother do any gigs in switzerland?`
        thx for the reply! Walter

        • Hi Walter,

          Yes there will be some shows in Switzerland in late November. Will get the dates on the site in May

  • Sensational! Brilliant work Andrew – just downloaded from iTunes (Australia). We absolutely love it….”Say Yeah” to coming to Sydney this year…that will be a fantastic song to hear live….here in Australia! God Bless, John & Alix.

    • Nice to hear

  • Hi
    Where I can get the album beyond GB? No German download forum offers it.

    • Hi Felix,

      The Album will be available to download in Germany early May



  • Hi, was wondering what the limited cd will have that’s not on the download version??

  • Hi Chris, The CD will have the same tracks as the download. It is for the people that prefer to have a CD rather than download.

    • Great, thanks for letting me know.

  • Dont forget to come to Oxford

  • HI!
    Finally, i got it…Thank u Andrew and Stephen..
    I can no wait for second album on this year.. (with “sieze the day” and many more).

    Regards from Lugo, Spain. I hope to be in the jazz cafe in december with you ( for 3 time)..

    Gracias y a seguir así… Thanx and go on

  • This is an amazing Album, your work goes from strength to strength and the song writing is fantastic. Thank you for sharing this great music with us all.

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